Standard Arch Breaker Machine

Standard Arch Breaker Machine

A rch-breaker machine i ntroduction Our company has been involved in designing and making screw conveyors since 1985 ,then founded Wuxi Changrong Conveying Machinery Company in 1993.With experienced engineering as well as fabrication technology ,Wuxi Changrong creates more than 3,000 engineering...
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Product Details

Arch-breaker machine introduction

Our company has been involved in designing and making screw conveyors since 1985 ,then founded Wuxi Changrong Conveying Machinery Company in 1993.With experienced engineering as well as fabrication technology ,Wuxi Changrong creates more than 3,000 engineering records for customers both at home and abroad .Especially in food ,chemical and other powder,particle and granules’ fields, you will find Wuxi Changrong’s equipment .Such as Saint-Gobain, BASF in Shanghai ,Mitsubishi in Japan, LEO KING ENVIRO.GROUP, D.C.Environmental Co., Ltd ,etc ,Changrong has designed and provided screw conveyors for them .

Arch-breaking Machine details

Original : Wuxi City,Jiangsu Province

Certification : ISO9001-2008,CE

Rotary Screw Diameter : 200 mm

Screw Pitch: 150 mm

Motor power : 4kw

Motor explosive class : EXDIIBT4

Gearbox model : KAF67

Speed : 52RPM

Feed Rate : 10 M3/H

Bulk density of medium : 50kg/m3

Equipment characteristics

1.Breaking arch materials by mechanic device, which can discharge materials smoothly and accurately. Applicate  in powder, such as Big silos for storage lime, powdered activated carbon, sodium carbonate, the silo’s bottom is funnel type which is easy to be bridged .Vertical Rotary Screw conveyor with arch-breaking machine is the key to solve the bridged materials .

2.How to break the bridged materials ? by vertical screw shaft or paddle shaft .Shafts’ flight can be standard or paddle or other types, which are subject to the type of transported mediums .When silo is full, screw flight will rotate by circle.Any bridged materials will be scraped down as screw shaft rotates now and then .



Inspection Standard

1.Smooth appearance, general size between inlet and outlet shall meet the requirement as per GB1804-79 standard.

2.Upper and Lower flanges shall be flat and parallel.Flanges can meet ASME standard .

3.standard rotary Arch-breaking bar shall not be frictional with casing .

4.Screw’s main shaft and sprocket’s shaft shall be in line as per GB1184-80 standard.

5.Make empty test run on standard rotary arch-breaking machine .Continuous run test without loading materials  shall reach 4 hours at least.Observe the rotating as run test goes on :

(1) Does the arch breaker machine working stable ?

(2) Are all fasteners tightness.

(3) Is Lubrication oil sealing good

(4) Is bearing temperature  less than 300C after continuous 2 hours .

(5) Make sure there is no abnormal noise

(6) No oil leakage .

(7) Total working Power in empty condition should not beyond the one third of rated power . 

Installation Request on Job site

1.Standard Arch-breaker machine must be 90 degree to the silo  structure.

2. Avoid any thin thickness of silo to collide with arch-breaking bar .

3.Before installation,clean all dirty which is caused during packing and shipping .

4.All connection screws and bolts shall be tightened to the reliable degree.

5.Check all components which need oil and make sure there are enough lubrication oil  .

6.The coaxial of main shaft and sprocket’s shaft are same . 


1.All bearings are under dust.Wuxi Changrong take actions to give a different structure on the framework oil sealing to prevent all dust or materials from getting into bearings .Turn on the air valves before start the rotary arch-breaker .

2.Stop feeding materials before stop the arch-breaker .Only all materials are drained off can stop the standard Arch-breaking machine .

3.Forbidden any big size materials dropping into the standard Arch-breaking machine .

4.Stop the arch-breaker as soon as any abnormal conditions occurs.

5.More details can be seen in the manual book.


Ball thrust bearing, model 51184 ,2 pieces

Oil Sealing :

Diameter 365*325*16 ,1 piece

Diameter 340 *300*20 ,1 piece

Diameter 393 * 355* 19,2 pieces

After Sale Service

1.We will send manual book of standard arch-breaker machine with specification to the final buyer .Final buyer will install and maintain the standard arch-breaker machine as per manual book .

2.Can send engineers to give instructions about installation work on job site .The guiding cost will be calculated as per the actual time on job site .

3.Can send engineers to train workers on job site .The guiding cost will be calculated as per actual time on job site .

4.Can send workers to install standard arch-beaker machine or Rotary vertical screw conveyors as per contract .Installation cost will be included in the contract .

5.Can provide quick wear material if necessary .


Warranty Period

12 months subject to the date of start up on job site or 18 months subject to the date of delivery ,whichever occurs first .Wuxi Changrong will undertake all quality problem which comes from arch-breaker machine or Rotary screw conveyor during warranty period. If the problem is caused by incorrectly operation or other extra foreign forces, Wuxi Changrong will solve the problem and collect the economical cost from buyers .

Package and Shipping

By export plywood case or steel frame,suitable for shipping by sea .

If there is no any urgent request,all standard arch-breaker machine are shipped by sea .



(1) Q:Can I get English Drawing and documents?

A:Yes,you can . Wuxi Changrong can interpret quickly and communicate accurately for international technology documents .

(2) Q:Can I give dimensions to you ,then make conveyors as per my request ?

A:Yes,you can . Wuxi Changrong can design and make conveyors as per needs .And you can put your own logo on conveyors .

(3) Q:Can I get much longer warranty period ?

A:Yes,you can .usually the warranty period is 12 months for 1 set of conveyor. Any special request on warranty period can be discussed .

(4) Q:Can engineers or workers go to job site after sales ?

A:Yes,we can send engineers or workers to site if necessary .

(5) Q:Can I get a good price with reliable quality ?

A:Yes ,you can .Wuxi Changrong will give direct economical price to customers and ensure the best quality for each conveyors .

(6) Q:Can I visit Wuxi Changrong factory?

A:Certainly .Wuxi Changrong locates in Wuxi , one hour by high speed train from Shanghai . We welcome customers from all over world to visit our factory. Just give us a call ,then we tell you the specific traffic way . Just call us now. 

Please feel free to send us your detailed requirements, you would be satisfied with our service.

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Wuxi Jiangsu Province 

If you're looking for arch breaker equipments, CHANGRONG CONVEYING MACHINERY must be your best choice. We will offer you good service and fast delivery.


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