Concrete Screw Conveyor

The long square silo feeding concrete screw conveyor is u shape which transport concrete horizontally.
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The long square silo feeding concrete screw conveyor is u shape which transport concrete horizontally.U shape screw conveyor is convenient for workers to open up for maintenance .See the below picture 553:



There set up an inspection window near the discharge outlet.Use screw bolts to connect the cover and screw trough. Inside of screw conveyor is made a primer painting.


Outside of concrete screw conveyor is sand blasting and painting.There is one inlet and one outlet . The Inlet and outlet size is 400mm *400mm. The support leg of concrete screw conveyor will be fixed with floor by expansion bolt on jobsite.

(Screw conveyors on jobsite)




Technical Data

This screw conveyor’s shell is made of mild steel by Q235,shell thickness is 5mm. Screw flight is mild steel .There make some built-up welding at the edge of screw flight,built up welding thickness is 5mm. The center distance between inlet and outlet is 3500mm, total length is 4320mm.

Transport Capacity

Transport Length

Screw diameter

Screw pitch

Screw flight thickness


Motor power

52 tons/hour







-------This technical data is calculated and designed as per customer’s specific requirements.

Detailed Photo

Each photo is taken at our workshop.If you need see further photos,just send e-mail to us.


Hanger bearing

Screw shaft


Quality Requirements

1. This screw conveyor is designed and made as per JB/T 7679-2008 standard.

2. All out-sourcing parts must have qualified certificate and inspected carefully. Only pass the inspection can we start to assemble conveyors.

3. Before painting, the surface of steel must remove the rust and meet the requirements by Sa2 or S3 grades in GB/T 8923-1988.

4. When painting, the primer coating is one layer, the topcoating are two layers. The total film thickness is 50-100μm in total. The paint adhesion shall reach GB/T 9286-1998.

5. When dismantle the screw conveyor ,do not need move or dismantle the drive device.

6. When dismantle the hanger bearing, do not need move the screw shaft.

7. It is available to lubricate the middle bearing without dismantle the discharge chute and cover.




Warranty Period

The warranty period is flexible as per request. Most often the warranty period is 12 months.

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Q1:Why choose our equipment?

We are engaged in designing and manfuacturing conveying equipment and agitating equipment since 1985.We have 8 engineers to provide technical drawings & provide solutions for customers.

Q2:What kind of products to be transported ?

Powder,particle or loosen bulk products. Such as sugar,coffee powder,milk powder,salt,glass pellets,cement powder,gyspum powder,etc.

Q3: How about the transporting capacity on equipment ?

The transporting capacity is chosen as per customer’s request.

Q4: What is common voltage?

Most common the voltage is ranges from 200V to 460V.

Q5: How to ensure the quality of each equipment?

First, we will submit the drawing of equipment to customers to check some information ( such as outline dimensions,contruction materials,etc ).

Second,we will make process inspection records during fabrication.Prepare the inspection report .

Third,when the equipment is assembled well with motor &gearbox,we will make empty running test. If the running test is qualified, we will submit the video to customers when delivery the equipment.

Fourth, if the equipment is found problems and issues during working on site, we will provde the fastest solution to help customers.

At last, each equipment has its own warranty period. We undertake all quality problems which are caused by poor fabrication or incorrect assembling.

Q6: How to find us ?

You can send an e-mail or make a call as per the following contact information.


Q7: How far from Shanghai to our workshop ?

◆ By high speed train ...need 1 hour . (Take train from Shanghai Hongqiao Station to Huishan Station ). There is 5 minutes from Huishan Station to our factory by car. We can pick you up at Huishan Station.

◆ By taxi/car...need 2-3 hours.

Q8: How to send an inquiry?

Send us the following information,then you can get a fast and correct price immediately:

◆ What is transporting capacity ...= ?m3/hour

◆ Equipment is made of stainelss steel 304/316L/321 or other metal materials?

◆ Equipment is horizontal or incline or vertical .

◆ Equipment’s length = ? meter

◆ Equipment will work continuous or not

◆ What kind of products to be transported ? how about its bulk density = ?kg/m3

◆ What is voltage on this equipment? In China,it is 380V,50HZ,3PH.

u Which seaport is close to you ? Often we deliver at Shanghai port.

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