Feed Screw Conveyor

Vertical screw conveyor usually look likes the alphabet’ L’.It is composed of short horizontal feeding section and high vertical transporting section.
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Product Details

The horizontal Feed screw conveyor feeding section can be trough shape as well as tubular shape ,which is designed as per transported materials’feature and customer’s request.

The vertical transporting section is tubular shape. Its height can reach 13m to 15m. There can set up a hanger beairng inside the middle of tubular pipe.

Most time, vertical screw conveyor is working with packing machine and vertical hopper, see a sketch as below :



Let’s take a set of feed vertical screw conveyor as an illustration:

Product Model : CRLS150,L=6700MM(horizontal transproting distance ), H=7900MM (Vertical transporting height )

Transport Capacity : 2T/H = 3.85m3/h

Transported material : Corn Starch,bulk density is 520kg/m3

Features on transported materials : corn starch is sticky by 550-600, temperature is 45 centi degree, moisture is 20% to 25%.

Transporting speed : horizontal feed screw conveyor is 95RPM, vertical transproting conveyor is 194rpm.


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Feed screw conveyor

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