13.Roller press machine applied in citric acid fields.

- Nov 04, 2019-

Main technical datas :

The main technical data on roller press machine :

   1.linear velocity:                             u=0.15m/s

   2.Nominal capacity(max):           Q=10p/min              

   3.Press bag clearance adjustment:       δ=±20mm               

   4.Total power:                   4kw

   5. Power supply                    480V                

   6.Bag packing size: (mm)     660X490X80

   7.Outline(mm)            4600×1150×1175adjustable

Main structions :

This roller press machine is a combined equipment which is composed of one set roller conveyor + one set of belt conveyor (also can make three sets of conveyors ). The roller conveyor is on the top of middle rubber belt conveyor. To adjust the distance between roller and rubber belt ,then crush the agglomeratic materials . The roller conveyor is totally fixed on the adjustable frames. Except the screw can adjust up and down, roller conveyor also can float dynamically ,ensuring the bag can avoid any damage because of the hard and sharp materials in the bags.

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Wearing part :

  1.Belt(PVC):B800  δ=3               L=9950(circumference)

  2.Spring:Diameter:φ3,           Center distance:φ40

   Effective rings :3    Spring high 65mm