Abrasion resistance on horizontal mixer

- Nov 03, 2020-

Abrasion resistance ‘s horizontal mixer can be divided into twin shafts mixers and single shaft mixers . ① Twin shafts mixers whose mixing principle and process ensure the  of the most of the mixed concrete is accumulated between the two mixing shafts, so that the abrasion among the mixing arm ,the flights and the bottom liner are reduced a lot. After many practice , we can find that only 25% of the flights are worn in the non-main mixing zone, and there is only slight or even no wear in the main mixing zone. The liner of the twin shafts mixer can be made of ordinary steel plate or wear-resistant cast iron according to the operating conditions. The ordinary steel can be Q235, Q345, SUS304,SUS321,SS316L,SS310S,etc . ② For single-shaft mixers, the wear of single-shaft mixers is much greater than that of twin shafts mixers because of the higher circumferential speed of the mixing flights  and the rotation track of the flights. We will give our advice to customers when choose mixers.