Advantages and Applications of Buried Scraper Conveyor

- Jan 19, 2018-

Buried scraper conveyor is widely used in all kinds of loose materials in power station, mine, metallurgy, coal and other industries due to its advantages of flexible installation, large conveying capacity, long service life, small amount of protection, low operation cost and large conveying gradient Of the transport, especially for some high temperature, block size, with sharp sharp corners and abrasive cut material handling.


Compared with similar equipment, buried scraper conveyor chain used in the chain is a professional chain manufacturers to produce high-strength double-row heavy-duty plate chain to ensure stable and reliable operation and long service life; and its tail part is provided with a spring Spiral tensioning device, can pull the tension of the chain initiative to adjust, to achieve long-distance, heavy load transport requirements.


The technology of embedded scraper conveyor is flexible because it can be set up at high altitude or pit, can also be installed obliquely, or added with a ramp device. The drive mechanism of buried scraper conveyor is also compact in layout and convenient in installation , Save a lot of time and effort.


For now, the buried scraper conveyor is widely used in various types of powder, block bulk material level or inclination of less than 60 degrees of delivery, boiler ash, cement clinker, slag, coke, gravel, etc. are Buried scraper conveyor main delivery object.


These are buried scraper conveyor is different from other transport equipment features, reliable quality and excellent performance, making the device can meet some special conditions of material delivery requirements, so as to better carry out further processing technology.