Advantages of using flexible screw conveyors and spiral conveyors

- May 23, 2018-

During the use of the screw conveyor, the ambient temperature is -20~50°C. To a certain extent, the tilt angle of the equipment is ≤20°; the conveying length is generally less than 40m and the longest is no more than 70m. The screw conveyor is at a certain degree. Compared with other conveying equipments, it has a simple structure when used, the overall equipment has a small cross-sectional size, and its equipment has good sealing performance. To a certain extent, it can load and unload materials at multiple points in the middle, and the operation safety of the entire equipment is relatively safe. Convenience and low manufacturing cost.


Flexible screw conveyor

  The mandrel of the spiral body of the flexible screw conveyor is flexible. When it is used, its transmission line can be effectively arranged according to its space curve, and the horizontal and vertical sections of the line during the course of the arrangement. The proportion of length is different, and its working principle is designed as ordinary screw conveyor or vertical screw conveyor during operation.

 The flexible screw conveyor is used to a certain extent mainly for the transportation line to be arranged according to its space curve, so that it can effectively avoid the occasion of material transfer to a certain extent. When running, when the inside of the casing When entering too much material or a hard block material, the spiral body will float freely without jamming phenomenon; the noise is small. It is mainly used for the horizontal and vertical conveying of materials at the same time. When transporting vertically, it is generally required that the rotation speed should not be lower than 1000 r/min.


Spiral conveyor

Spiral tube conveyor is to a certain extent mainly in the cylindrical shell will be effectively welded with a continuous spiral blade, in the operation of the shell and the spiral blade rotates to a certain degree together, add materials during the operation will Because of the centrifugal force and the friction force, the random shell rotates together and is lifted, then it slides down the spiral surface under the gravity of the material, so that the material rotates along with the spiral tube to realize the forward movement of the material, like the non-rotating screw The translational movement of the nut along the rotation is the same as the purpose of conveying the material.

Spiral tube conveyors have low maintenance costs and low energy consumption, and can be fed to the end during operation, to a certain extent, can adapt to their uneven feeding requirements, and to a certain extent, they can simultaneously complete the conveying and stirring. Mixing and other process requirements, in the run-time when its material into too much, it will not produce the phenomenon of its resistance, easy to load and unload more points, can transport higher temperature materials. It is suitable for conveying high-temperature materials horizontally; it has better adaptability to the materials with high temperature, uneven feeding, anti-crushing requirements, anti-pollution requirements, and processes requiring multi-point addition and discharge. Practice has proved that it works well when transporting cement clinker, dry limestone, phosphate rock, ilmenite powder, coal and slag.