Advantages on chain scraper conveyors

- Jul 12, 2020-

Chain scraper conveyor is compact structure which can endure the foreign force from punch, bump,smash and press of coal powder, stones and other materials. Chain scraper conveyor can adapt to the request of unevenly working surface and movable flexible pushing ,as well as can undertake the bendness from vertical or horizontal . The machine body is short ,which is easy to install and maintain. In addition ,chain scraper conveyor can be used as a track of digging coal machine. Moreover , chain scraper conveyor can work reversely, so it is good for dealing with chains issues which is buried at the bottom . Chain scraper conveyor also can be used as the front of hydraulic support. The chain scraper conveyor is with simple structure .There can set up inlets and outlets at any points. The machine shell is whole closed which can prevent dusts from flying out to pollute environment. If there do not design a shell of machine tail , we can put the scraper into materials, then chain scraper conveyor can transport materials automatically.