Advantages on drag chain conveyor

- Aug 23, 2019-

1. Solid construction. Can endure the foreign force of coal powder,stone powder and other materials.

2. Flexible working function. Can meet requirements of unsmoothly working surface and bending transfering , also can endure the bend force from vertical or horizontal direction.

3. Drag chain conveyor is short height ,easy to be installed.

4. Drag chain conveyor can be used as orbits of coal shearer.

5. Drag chain conveyor can work reversely,so as to deal with any issues of the bottom chains.

6. Drag chain conveyor also can be the support point in the front section of hydraulic.

7. Drag chain conveyor is with simple structure, can feed or discharge materials arbitrarily along conveying length

8. Drag chain conveyor’s shell is completed closed,which can prevent any dust from coming into air, and protect environment from pollution.

9. If there is no shell at the end of drag chain conveyor, put the scrapers into materials, then discharge materials automatically.