Advantages on snake shape chain bucket elevator during transporting process

- Nov 20, 2018-

During transporting some granules’ materials,sometimes need choose snake shape chain bucket elevators. Materials are inside of chain plate which is connected with buckets.Driven by motor &gearbox, from the tail part move to the head part,then transport. Usually chains,buckets and materials are assembled inside the semi-closed shell with support legs.That is,snake shape chain bucket elevator’s chain,bucket and materials do not have relative movement,they just move along with the lead rail with simpe working principle.

For snake shape chain bucket elevators, due to materials are assembled inside the bucket,chains are assembled outside or bottom of the bucket. So materials will not touch chains directly. The whole machine is semi-closed shell,heat quantity will be discharged into air quickly. However,materials’ temperature has little request on chains.That is ,materials’ temperature do not have big effect about chains and pins and the drive system of whole machine.

As usual,snake shape chain bucket elevator’s working speed is between 0.08 to 0.15 m/s. There exist rolling friction between chains and slide rails,the friction factor is 0.008 ~0.02. Thus, drive power on snake shape chain bucket elevator is smaller than other machines. Thanks to there exist rolling friction between chains and rails with low speed, snake shape chain bucket elevator’s quick wear part are with long using life .Under the same using working condition,the whole machine’s wear part are light.

Commonly ,snake shape chain bucket elevators’ driven chains are chose by precision plate chain,chains are made by rolling and precision machining and heat treatment.So chains are with high precision and low accumulation small error on chain pitch .Especially for the chains with large pitch that is a heavy duty suitable for long distance conveying request.That is,conveying distance reaches 80 -130 meters.

In addition, there will be low noise because chain bucket elevators’ chains are precise,low speed with rolling friction . What is more,it can add multi- feeding points,so it is more flexible.Because the whole machine is semi-close type,it is very easy to maintain and clean .

All in all,snake shape chain bucket elevator are suitable for conveying long distant with low running cost,insenstitive to materials’ temperature change,low noise,simpe inpsection and maintain . During choose equipment,it needs make a choice as per specific working condition.