Advantanges on vibrating conveyor for elastic connecting rod ,electromagnetic type and inertia type.

- May 16, 2018-

Vibrating conveyors can be divided into electromagnetic type and mechanical type.The mechanical vibrating conveyors can be divided into inertia type and elastic connecting rod.Usually,we can divid the mechanical vibrating conveyors into double elemental body,multi-elemental and single elemental type as per vibrating components.

For the single elemental vibrating conveyors,it only create vibration force from the conveying trough during working process.Because its vibrating force transfer to ground.Most of them are light duty except the double elemental and multi-elemental.In addition,the counterweight frame can join in the vibration with complicated structure ,but basically it can eliminate the vibrating force from the ground & make the exciting force be the smallest .

Vibrating conveyors flexible elastic connecting rod is made up of conection rod,eccentric shaft and connecting rod end spring and chute,etc .The eccentric shaft rotation can make the connection rod end move reciprocating movement which can evoke the chute make directional vibration. And make the materials inside the chute to move forward.Usualy it takes the low frequency,big amplitude or middle frequency and middle amplitude.

Vibrating conveyors electromagnetic type is mainly made up of coils,chute,armature,iron core etc.Then connect the power .The power will get through the coil.In this way,it can produce some electromagnetic attraction periodicly .It motivates the vibrating in the chute.Usually it takes the high frequency and small amplitude.

Vibrating conveyors inertia type is made up of main shaft,eccentricity block and chutes ,etc.During transporting process,its eccentricity can product the centrifugal force which can motivate the chutes vibrating .Usually we choose middle frquency and ammlitude.

 Vibrating conveyors vibrating power comes from the vibrating motor.In this way,it can make materials move forward,so as to reach the conveying request .Its structure can be divided into open,close types .Conveying types can be divided into U trough or tubular type .Motor can be installed on the top ,bottom or side .