Analysis reasons of abnormal noise,vibrating of screw feeders.

- Mar 22, 2019-

Screw feeders are used widely in building,power,chemical,metallurgy,mining,aluminum magnesium,mechanical,light industry ,food and other fields. Screw feeders are suitable for  horizontal transporting as well as incline transporting powder,particle and small granules. Such as cement power,coal powder,food,fertiliser,find dust slag,sands,etc. The maximum incline angle can reach 90 degree for transporting powder.Sometimes there may exist some troubles during transporting. Now lets analysis the troubles as below :

Main reasons on gearbox : abnormal noise and vibrating

1. The output shaft position is correct while the temperature on bearings are too high. Then it will cause the center line of screw shaft rotation will be deviations,bearings are damaged. Such problems may be caused by both ending bearing house are not fixed firmly.
2. Also the output bearings temperature is normal,but the output shafts temperature rises up . Such issues is mainly caused by the fixed screw bolts on motor is loosen or the bearing of gearbox is burned.
3. If temperature rising high for the bearing between input and output on gearbox,its reason are mainly caused by the damage of bearing at both ends.
4. lubricating oil is dirty or insufficient.


.Replace the same model bearings.

2. Tight and fix the screw bolt up.
3. Change the lubricating oil and make up 2/3 of the oil sight glass.

Motors noise vibrating & Main reasons

Motors bearing is damaged ,then cause abnormal noise.


Solder or coat a layer of glass glue at the joint of the half-corner joint and replace the bearing of the same type.

Vibrating on screw shaft & Main reasons

1.Screw flight is scratching inside the screw champer.

2. Hanger bearing is broken.


1.Adjust the alignment of screw shaft ; Replace the bearing; Replace the hanger bearing.  

Stop rotating of screw shaft

Main reason

1. Oversized covneying capacity make materials can not get through the hanger bearings. In the case of too much material resistance at the hanger bearing, the motor is overloaded and shut down.
2. The sealing of hanger bearing is broken,materials reach inside the bearing,then make bearing damage.
3. It may be due to the large particle size material in the conveying process, which increases the running resistance between the material and the machine position, then increases the motor running load. If screw conveyor is with automatically protects,the motor will be thermal relay.
4. The gearboxs bearing of the screw conveyor is burned: 1) The bearing temperature at the output shaft of the gearbox is normal, and the temperature at the input shaft is high.

Solution: Need to recalibrate the installation of gearbox; 2) The bearing temperature at the output shaft of the gearbox is high, and the temerature at the input shaft is normal. It may be that the center line of the screw shaft is offset or the bearing at the output shaft of the gearbox is burnt, and the first and the end bearing blocks are loose.

Solution:1. Clean the material in the screw conveyor and control the conveying capacity.
2. Replace the sealing in the screw conveyor. If the bearing is damaged, replace the bearing.
3. Check if there is any foreign matter or excessively large particle size in the material.
4. Re-install the corresponding parts for