Application and motion form of vibrating motor in vibrating conveyors

- May 29, 2019-

The vibrating conveyor has always used the vibrating motor as a simple, reliable and effective power to complete the material conveying process. The different installation of vibrating motor will produce different vibrating orbits so as to complete various task. The vibration motor  can produce a circular,elliptical,linear and other complex motion .

The vibrating body of the vibrating conveyor is a straight line in the horizontal surface and the vertical surface, and the vibration form is called linear vibration.If installed the 2 set of same vibrating motors on the vibrating equipment, make the two vibrating motors be paralled positions, during running,the movement of vibrating motors are opposite, and the two vibrating motors must be synchronized,then the vibrating body produce the linear vibration . 

The projection of the vibration trajectory of the vibrating body on a horizontal level is a straight line, and the projection on the vertical level is a circle or an ellipse. The vibration form is called a circular or elliptical vibration. The circular or elliptical vibration occurs on a level perpendicular to the rotating shaft of the vibration motor, and the form depends on the relative position of the vibration motor and the center of gravity of the whole machine.

The vibration of the vibrating body of the conveyor is generated by two sets of excitation systems. To use the two different types of vibrating motors with different speeds, which are installed in the receiving end and the discharging end of the screening equipment, so that the receiving end exhibits a large amplitude. Low frequency vibration, while the discharge end presents a small amplitude and high frequency vibration, and the middle part of the screening device overlaps the two vibrations, so that the screening device can play a more effective screening effect.