Application of screw feeder

- Sep 12, 2020-

screw feeders are widely used in grain,building industry,chemical plant and machinery process fields,transportation and other national economical applications. Screw feeders are mainly used in transporting various of powder,particle and small bulk pieces. Such as loosen materials are grains,beans/corns,flour and other food products. Also can transport the cement, clay,sands ,gyspum powder,calcium oxide. In chemical industry, screw feeders transport salts,alkali product,fertilizer,inculding the coal,coke,ore,etc.

Usually the shafted screw feeder is not suitable for transporting perishable,sticky,big bulk piece and caking products. Except for transporting the loosen products, screw feeder also can transport the completed packed goods. In addition, screw feeder combines mix,agitate,cool ,heat,insulate function during transporting. At the sea port or river port,screw feeders are used to discharge small carts,discharge ships horizontally and vertically.We call this by screw unloader which uses the horizontal screw shaft to discharge materials layer by layer. Such screw unloader which combines by horizontal +vertical screw feeder is an advanced tool to discharge the ship both at home and abroad.