Application ranges and maintenance in snake shape chain bucket elevator

- Jun 21, 2019-

 Snake shape chain bucket elevator is transported substances horizontally or incline by chains which is along the track .It can not only transport bulk material,but also be suitable for conveying materials which is high temperature,heavy density,big blcok,keen edge and strong abrasive feature. Snake shape chain bucket elevator is widely used in power plant,mining,coal and other industries ,to transport dust slag,cement building materials ,mine slag,coke powder and stone powder,etc.

Snake shape chain bucket elevator is flexible in layout,large capacity,long time for using,little consumption and low cost ,so it is very popular in people. The bucket’s width is 350mm,450mm,630mm,800mm,1000mm,etc. As per different request and working conditions,snake shape chain bucket elevator can be divided into three types : open,half-open and total closed type.

When start up at each time,snake shape chain bucket elevator shall be fed into materials after running empty for a while. And keep feeding averagely. Do not increase materials suddently,in order to prevent any overloading. Before stopping,must discharge all materials completely.Do not stop with loading if there is no special condition.

In daily operation,pay attention to keep good lubrication between all bearings and drive parts. In order to ensure the chain bucket elevator can work stably in a long time,we require to check and maintain as per quarter. Check totally as per two years. When checking totally, must dismantle all components and replace the broken parts. The consumables is included big,small drive chain sprocket,roller chains,drag chain ,drag chain sprocket,bucket ,