Assemble the chute on chain scraper conveyor

- Aug 01, 2019-

Chain scraper conveyor is divided into 2 types: flat bottom and round bottom. For the bottom of conveyor ,usually it is circle. No matter whatever types, both can use chains as drag parts,chains are used to transport materials .Such conveyors can not only transport materials horizontally,but also can transport materials as per small incline degree. During transporting process, it can transport granules ,powder and particles evenly.


Chute,this is the bearing part on chain scraper conveyor . Its quantity are subject to the working length. Meanwhile, chutes belong to consumables. The chutes are divided into middle chute,transition chute and adjust chute. In the same types of chain scraper conveyor ,the width and shape of chutes are same.. However, it is different on length and installation parts.