Automatic customized stainless steel screw feeder for powder

- Mar 22, 2020-

The pneumatic or vacuum screw feeder is mainly used to convey powder and small particles .Such as the original medicine fine powder,chemical particle,metal oxide fine powder,capsule,tablets, pills,small food granules,etc. The pneumatic screw feeder is not suitable for transporting wet,sticky and heavy materials.

Pneumatic or vacuum conveying is airtight conveying of pipelines,which can prevent any foreign dust from polluting the conveyed materials. Vacuum conveying screw feeder can improve the working environment as well as reduce the pollution to labors,keep the workshop clean. Due to the pneumatic pipe screw feeder is tube shape, it occupied small space,can finish the powder conveying in a very very small and narrow tube. At the same tiem, the vacuum screw feeder will reduce the working strength on labor,so as to improve working efficiency. Most powder’s conveying are chosen the pneumatic /vacuum