Before leaving factory and departuring, we must check the vibrating screen’s assembling and sizes .

- Sep 26, 2019-

If all sizes and performance meet customer’s requirements,we can deliver it. Therefore ,when the vibrating screen arrives at site,workers must check the vibrating screen as per packing list . Whether the arrived equipment’s list and quantity is accordance with packing list . Whether any tehcnical document are missing. Do not put the vibrating screen into ground directly. Must put the vibrating screen on the flat wooden frames whose height is bigger than 250mm to the ground. If the vibrating screen will be stored at outdoors, must cover a oil-proof cloth to prevent weathering .

For the high frequency vibrating screen, is is made of vibrating exciter,a slurry distibutor,a screen frame,a suspension spring and screens.

High frequency vibrating screen has high working efficiency,small amplitude and high screening frequency.It is different from the common screens. For one thing,the high frequency screen adopts high frequency, it can break the tension of slurry ,to increase the frequency between materials and screen holes.