Blocking problems on tubular screw conveyors

- Nov 28, 2018-

Every year we receive many calls from different clients about screw conveyors .Some of them complained it is not easy to use the screw conveyors,screw conveyors are poor quality ,screw conveyors are easy to be blocked with materials.For example,we received a phone call from a factory that produce papers. Their commercial manager said :” the materials are easy to be blocked inside the tubular screw conveyor ( it is not purchased from Wuxi Changrong ) .Workers use hammer to knock at the screw conveyor’s shell,the shell will be deformation.”Some photos from the site :


The transporrted materials are Astra-glaze which is spray -dried beads.


The existing screw conveyor is on site.

Our engineer checked with job site about this screw conveyors’ working condition.Then designed a new drawing for the customer.We choose a bigger gearbox with low speed .As per our experience,the speed need by slow if the transported materials are sticky .

The practice proves our choice are correct .We solve the blocking problems on site .

So,you see,if understand the feature on screw conveyors,it is not difficult to use it.