Bucket elevator is working, we must pay attention to

- Oct 01, 2019-

(1) The vertical bucket elevator should be operated without loading for a period of time before feeding materials. When the vertical bucket elevator runs smoothly,it can be fed materials. Must pay attention to the feeding rate is evenly.Do not increase the loading rate or overloading.

(2) When the vertical bucket elevator working, never stop with materials inside bucket. Must stop feeding and let all materials are discharged completely before the vertical bucket elevator stops.

(3) When the vertical bucket is working, never allowed any cleaning and maintain for the running parts, and do not allow any actions to adjust the tension device.

(4) For the start up on transporting with full loading, need manual discharged for some times so as to make the bucket elevator be empty.

(5) If it is used in conjunction with several conveyors, first start one of the last unloaded materials, then start one by one, and the parking sequence is opposite to the starting sequence.

(6) Re-tighten the bolts when the hoist is operated for about 200 hours after the vertical bucket eevator is first used or repaired.https://www.wxconveyor.com/