Bucket elevator’s discharging materials process

- Apr 11, 2019-

Bucket elevator is such a continuous conveying machinery that is transported powder,particle or small block vertically or large inclined. Usually bucket elevator is used in desulfurization system in limestone loading fields.

When buckets with loading materials rotating with the drag device to the drive pulley,at the begining,materials do not move .As rotating goes on,materials start to move inside buckets. Later,some parts of materials are discharged . When bucket continuously to rotate,materials are discharged successively till buckets are empty. This discharging process is divided into two stages ( as below photo ):

The first stage refers to the materials start to slide inside the buckets then discharge out. When buckets rotate to the head pulley,due to materials’ forced balance is affected ,the joint force is equal to gravity G + centrifugal force C. Under the joint force,materials moved along the inside edge or outside edge till start to be discharged. In this stage,materials are not discharged ,so materials are sliding together with buckets and materials’ volume are not changed in this stage.

       The second stage refers to materials starting to discharge to be dischared empty. In this stage,materials slide along material’s suface .At the same time,more and more materials are discharged.That is,the material’s surface is overlapping with the bucket’s side .

The discharging way are divided gravity,centrifugal way and mixing way. Different discharging way has different effections. See the example photo as following .www.wxconveyor.com