Bucket Elevator’s Operation Way and Requirements on Installation

- Apr 26, 2018-

During operating the higher bucket elevator ,it is necessary to add some support structure close to the suitable positions on bucket elevators’ middle and upper section. Install the lower section at first ,then fix the foundation bolt.Secondly,install the middle section .At last,install the upper section .Correct the verticality.Measure the whole height by plump line .The deviation shall be less than 10mm .The upper and lower shaft shall be parallel and its axis line shall be the same level.

Bucket elevators must be installed on the solid concrete foundation .The concrete foundations’surface must be flat . Thus it can ensure the bucket elevator will reach the vertical requirement on bucket elevators.

For the shorter bucket elevator,we can connect and correct the upper,middle and lower section on the ground in an effective way. Next ,hoist the complete bucket elevator and fix it above the concrete base. After completed in installing the machine frame,then assemble the chain/belt and buckets. Use U shape screw to connect the buckets. The u shape screw is the joint for chains.Meanwhile,u shape screw is the fixed parts on buckets .U shape screw and nut must be tightened .

Must adjust the tension device during operation process after assembled all buckets and chains on bucket elevators .To some extent,it is necessary to add suitable machine oil and butter.Gear reducer uses the industrial sprocket’s lubrication. Use the grease inside the bearing house.

In the process of test,must pay attention to : no reverse on buckets and no clash. The test without materials shall be bigger than 2 hours .No overheating and no abnormal heating on bearing.The bearing’s temperature must be less than 250 Centi degree.Gear reducer’s temperature must be less than 300 Centi degree. If everything ok,it can start up with loading materials after 2 hours test .Please note that the feeding materials must be evenly in order to prevent any materials from blocking. Start up bucket elevator when it is empty. Do not stopping before discharging all materials inside the bucket elevators.http://www.wxconveyor.com/