Buried scraper conveyor’s advantage and application

- Jan 03, 2018-

Buried scraper conveyor is with flexible in installation,large conveying capacity,long life in application,small protection,low operation cost, big transporting incline degree and other advantages.Buried scraper conveyors is applied in transporting loosen materials,especially for high temperature,big size ,sharp shape and abrasive materials,and used for power plant,mine,metallurgy,coal and other production line.

Comparing with the similar equipment,buried scraper conveyor’s drag chains are flat chain which is made of high strength +double row type .Flat link can ensure the buried scraper conveyor works stably and long life using .Buried scraper conveyor’s tail part has spring tension device,it can make the drag chain or flat chain adjust the spring tension actively.And it can meet requirements on further conveying distance and heavy duty transporting.

Buried scraper conveyor ‘s technical arrangements are flexible.So it is not only can be transported in elevated,upper air or pit,but also can installed incline degree or add incline hoist device .Buried scraper conveyor’s drive structure is compact,easy for installation.Thus,it save a lot of time.

As far as we know,buried scraper conveyor applied widely in various powder,loosen lump in horizontal transporting or incline transporting ( incline degree is below 60 degree ).Such as ash,cement,coal slag,hard coke,crushed stones,all of them can be transported by buried scraper conveyor.

The above information are about the characteristics on buried scraper conveyor which are different from other conveying equipment.With its reliable quality,excellent performance,Therefore,buried scraper conveyor can meet requirements of materials which are under some special working conditions,then start to show its much better technology than before.http://www.wxconveyor.com/