Buried Scraper Conveyor’s working principle and components

- Mar 23, 2019-

Buried scraper conveyor is a small conveying device with small volume. It is mainly used to transport granules and powders. It is very popular in life because of small volume. It has outstanding advantages in improving working conditions and prevent environment from pollution during conveying materials who are easy to dust,toxic,flammable, explosive, high temperature.

Buried scraper conveyor has simple structure. It is consisted of machine head,machine tail,middle section ,outlet section and inlet section.It is a conveying equipment that depends on the moving chains & scrapers with the shell which is totally closed rectangular section. Buried scraper conveyor is easy to operate and maintain.

 The driving system of buried scraper conveyor adopts geared motor which is working under chains connection the head shaft. Machine head is consisted of shell,drive shaft,drive chain sprocket,motor,gearbox and other accessories. The motor drives with chains,the conveyor starts to work. Machine head is the power input as well as discharging outlet. Also can separate the discharging outlet with machine head as per needs. Power inlet can be designed at either side of head,depends on the site’s demands.

Chains are the mainly working parts of buried scraper conveyor. Chains are divided into T type and V type. Middle section is made up of box slide,scraper & chain,machine cover,etc. Buried scraper conveyor is used to transport cereals. Buried scraper conveyor can be divided into bend section and straight section . There set up some inspection window on the section,which is good for maintainance.The inlet and outlet are used for feeding and discharging cereals.www.wxconveyor.com