Chain Plate Conveyor’s Actual application and Working Principle

- Sep 30, 2020-

Chain Plate Conveyors:

are applied in horizontal conveying as well as incline conveying .When chain plate conveyor is transporting upwards, the coal incline angle shall not beyond 25 angle. When chain plate conveyor is transporting downwards, the incline angle shall not beyond 20 angle. When coal incling angle is big ,there shall set up anti-slip device .The bendable chain plate conveyor allow the 2 degree ~4 degree on both horizontal and vertical conveying .

What is working principle on chain plate conveyor ?

Use the open chute as the undertake parts . Fix the plate/scraper on the chains which are combined as chain & plates, also can be called drag parts. When the machine head is started, it can make the chain sprockets rotate on the shaft of machine head, making the scrapers and chains move forward with materials , till to the end of machine head to discharge . Chains and scrapers complete the conveying request bypasses the chain sprockets and running in a stepless closed recycling .