Chain scraper conveyor’s good points

- Oct 08, 2020-

1.Chain scraper conveyor can endure the coal, sone or other materials’s impact ,hit ,press,crush and other foreign forces,which are strong and compact structure.

2.Chain scraper conveyor is able to adjust different strict working conditions .such as the uneven place of coal face,requirements on bend section ,as well as undertake the vertical bend and horizontal bend.

3.Machine body is short, which is easy to install .

4.Chain scraper conveyor also can be the tracks of coal mining shearer.

5.Chain scraper conveyor can work reversely, which is easy to deal with any problems of bottom chains.

6.Chain scraper conveyor can be used as support points of hydraulic support.

7.Chain scraper conveyor is simple structure,people can choose positions of inlet and outlet on the conveyign distance casually.

8.Chain scraper conveyor is totally closed,which can prevent the dust of materials from flying outside.

9.If there do not require shell of machine tail , the scraper will be plugged into materials ,so it can feed and discharge materials automatically.