Changrong’s shaftless screw conveyor feature

- Dec 03, 2019-

Comparing with traditional shafted screw conveyor ,the shaftless screw conveyor adops the no axis technology which make the screw flight can push materials forward in soft way. It has following advantages :

1.Strong anti-wrapping ability on shaftelss screw conveyor. Because there is no center shaft to disturb, shaftless screw flight is good for belt type +viscosity mateials + wrapping materials. Such  as to put some small and fine grille, the grille space is 50mm, applied in filter presser and conveying garbage in waste disposal place,can prevent any accident from blocking.

2、Shaftless screw conveyor is good for environment. It is made up of completed closed transporting and easy to clean the surface on screw flight ,can ensure the clean environment and no pollution and leakage on transported materials.

3、Shaftless screw conveyor has large torque and low consumption . Due to screw conveyor without shafts,transported materials are not easy to be blocked at the discharging outlet . Thus, shaftless screw conveyor can rotate very slowly and stable conveying. The torque is 4000N.M.

4、Shaftless screw conveyor has large conveying capacity. The transporting capacity of shaftless screw conveyor is 1.5 times than the traditional shafted screw conveyor.

5、 Shaftless screw conveyor ‘s conveying distance is very long . The single unit shaftless screw conveyor can reach 80 m. We can design multi shaftless screw conveyor to transport materials in a long distance.

6、Shaftless screw conveyor can work and change discharging materials flexiblely. It can discharge materials from the lower point, also can discharge materials from the end. At the bottom of trough, there exist some plastic lining plate or metal lining materials . Shaftelss screw conveyor can work in a high temperature in a compact structure. It can save space,economical ,simple operate and long time for service.