Characteristic on drag chain conveyor system and chains’ type

- Mar 07, 2018-

Drag chain conveyor system is a common chain conveying system .It is made up of one single chain or various chains ,which is pushed by chain or drag materials forward to along the trough.These chains are very simple ,which is made up of chain units without any additional accessories or scrapers .

That is to say,drag chain conveying system is conveyed materials through many trolleys on chains.Chains drag trolleys vertically or horizontally ,then come back automatically.The distance between trolleys can be adjusted,so it can meet different working occassion .Set up the slide structure in the front of previous trolley with automatic device,and adjust the support space in trolleys which are close to .

Total conveying system adopts PLC control ,frequency control, rotation code,which can control the conveying distance accurately. It works stably and safely because it  adopts overloading protection by shear pin.Drag chain conveying system can be dynamic monitoring,trouble display,etc.With these advantages,drag chain conveying system is widely used in cars,engineering machinery,agricultural machinery,household electrical appliances and other automatic production lines.

The most important part is the drag chains in the total drag chain conveying system.As we distinguish from materials,there exist plastic chain that is made of solid nylon with ability to endure high pressure and tensile load,excellent patient,high flexible spring and strong abrasive.Beside,plastic nylon is inflaming retarding.It can be used outdoors if temperature rises up and down .

In addition,there are some steel chain which is made up of chain plate,support plate,shaft pin ,etc .chain plate has been made by chromeplate .Its appearance is new ,structure unique,flexible in tensile .The most important is that steel chain is not easy to be distortion. Steel chain applies stably,easy to dismantle,no drooping.