Classification and characteristics on screw feeders

- Jan 25, 2021-

(1) screw feeder’s blades have solid type, ribbon screw and paddle screw ,three types .(2) the direction of screw blades have right screw and left screw ;(3) screw feeder’s directions have fixed horizontal screw feeder, vertical screw feeder, . Among of them ,horizontal screw feeder, is the most common type . Vertical screw feeder is used to transport materials in a short vertical distance, usually the conveying distance is less than 8m.Its screw blade is solid type , and there must set up a short horizontal screw feeder ,so as to ensure a continuous feeding pressure.(4) LS and GX types’ screw conveyors , there set up half opposite or one opposite screw blade at the discharging outlets,it can prevent any blocking at the end. (5) screw feeder is consisted of screw body, screw shell, screw cover, baseplate ,etc. The drive device is consisted of motor, gear reducer, coupling and motor house.