Classification of vibrating Conveyor

- Oct 19, 2017-

According to the mechanical and electromagnetic types of excitation mechanism, the mechanical type can be divided into elastic connecting rod type and inertia type, and the number of participating vibration components can be divided into three types: elemental body, double mass body and mass body. Only the conveying groove of the elemental body generates vibration, so the vibration power travels to the foundation, most of them are light; In addition to the transport slots of the dimer and the mass, the vibration of the heavy frame and the structure are slightly complicated, but the vibration force of the foundation can be basically eliminated, and the resonant principle can be used to minimize the required excitation force.

① elastic connecting rod type. The eccentric shaft, the connecting rod, the connecting rod end spring and the material trough are composed. The eccentric axis rotates to connect

The end of the rod is reciprocating motion, and the material groove is stimulated to vibrate. Push the material in the trough to move forward continuously. Generally using low frequency, large amplitude or medium frequency and medium amplitude.

② electromagnetic type. Composed of iron core, coil, armature and material trough. After the rectified current passes through the coil, the electromagnetic suction that produces the periodic change, arouses the material trough to produce the vibration. Generally uses the high frequency, the small amplitude.

③ inertia type. It is composed of eccentric block, spindle and material trough, and the centrifugal inertia force produced by the eccentric block rotates to stir the material trough vibration. Medium frequency and amplitude are generally used.

Vibrating conveyor uses the motor as the high quality vibration source, causes the material to be thrown up simultaneously the movement, achieves the transportation goal; The structure form is divided into the open type, the closed-end, the conveying form may be the trough type transportation or the Tube type transportation, the motor position may the upper, the bottom or the side