Classification on vibrating screen

- Aug 23, 2019-

Mine vibrating screen will be divided into : high efficiency and heavy duty vibrating screen,

self-centering vibrating screen, elliptical vibrating screen, dewatering screen, circular vibrating screen, banana sieve, linear vibrating screen, etc.

Light fine vibrating screen is divided into rotary screen,line vibrating screen,ultrasonic vibrating screen, filter screen .

Experimental vibrating screen can be divided into : Slap screen, top impact vibrating screen, standard inspection screen, electric vibrating screen, etc.For further details, please refer to the rules and standards on experimental equipment.

According to the movement track of vibrating screen, there are :there are linear vibrating screen whose material moves linearly forward on the screen surface;according to the round movement track, there is round screen whose materials move around.

According to thereciprocating movement track: there is fine screening machine (material reciprocating motion on the screen surface)

In a word, vibrating screen is mainly divided into linear vibrating screen, round shape vibrating screen, high frequency vibrating screen. As per different vibrators,there exist single shaft vibrating screen and double shafts vibrating screens. The single shaft vibrating screen is used the unbalanced heavy excitation to vibrate the screen,then screen is slope,the screen box’s movement track is round or ellipse.