Close to observe the true factory for making conveying equipment in China

- May 15, 2019-

Wuxi Changrong Conveying Macinery Co., ltd is a true factory for making various conveying equipment in Chna. We have an excellent engineering team to provide technical drawings. Also we have an experienced fabricating group workers to fabricate equipment.

This is our factory gate.


When entering the gate,you will find a building with 4 pcs of workshops.The 2 of workshops are specialized in making stainless steel conveyors/elevators/feeders.


The rest 2 of workshops are used for making carbon steel hoppers,tanks,rotary valves,etc.


We have specialized painting room ,so painting work are done inside the painting room.With the environmental painting room, the waste of painting will be dealt well,so as to reduce pollution to environment.

We also have some lathes to machine components of conveyors.


If components’ size are too big to machine,we will out-sourcing them from sub-suppliers who are close to our factory.

At present,workers are busy in  fabricating screw conveyors whose diameter is 1100mm and length is