Common failures on screw conveyors

- Nov 08, 2019-

There exist some common failures on screw conveyors :

1. Blocking materials inside screw flight and shaft,then cause screw conveyor stopped working

2. Abnormal noise from the bearing

3. Abnormal working from the motors & gearbox

4. Broken on screw flight or shaft

5. Gland packing is blocked

Now let’s make analysis on the above failures :

First , Screw flight/shaft are blocked to cause stopping working : (1) feed too much materials inside the screw conveyor and did not consider the maximum pressure on screw flight and shaft. Once the feed materials are beyond the maximum heavy duty on screw flight and shaft, it will cause motor work in overloading type. Finally ,it cause motor stop working. When the sealing on shaft is damaged, the sealing performance will be worse at the bearing section .If do not correct or replace the damaged sealing, during conveying process, materials will reach inside bearings so as to make bearings block,then increase the resistance and causes motor stop. The last one is that there exist some foreign and big sizes materials during feeding ,which increase the resistance on conveyors, to make the screw flight block and cause motor runs overloading.

Second, failure on gearbox and bearing,abnormal noise and abnormal vibrating can make screw conveyor stop running. Usually the failure is cause by : incorrect maintenance. Worse still, it will cause gearbox are lacking of lubrication oil, to make the sprocket and bearing wear out seriously. At last ,make the screw shaft are not in a straight line.

Third, screw flight or shaft are broken. This is a common problem in screw conveyors. Because the screw shaft and screw flight play an important role during transporting . If screw flight and shaft are broken, there is no support point on conveyors . There is no fixing point during transporting.If screw shaft undertake heavty duty which is beyond than the screw shaft’s ability ,screw shaft will be broken. Or if screw shaft running long time ,there also will appear the broken issues.