Construction and Multi function on heating screw conveyor

- Feb 27, 2018-

In order to meet the requirements on heating or keep warm during transporting process,Wuxi Changrong Conveying Machinery especially designs the heating screw conveyors.It can be used to transport condensed materials or other changeable materials.

Heating screw conveyor is mainly made up of frame ,u trough,heating system,driving device and moisture exhaust system.Here exist two heating ways : Direct heating and indirect heating.Direct heating refers to add vapor on trough to heat materials,which is widely used in paper making and wet materials’ conveying system.Indirect heating refers to heat the center between two trough layers and rotating joints.Heating medium is vapor or hot water.

Among heating screw conveyors,its trough is made up of screw,u shape tunnel,inlet and outlet.The total outer trough has insulating layer.U shape tunnel also is a stainless steel closed chamber which can endure high pressure.Fill vapor into the closed chamber so as to realize heating.

On the top of trough ,there set up the insulating layer and easy to open and close switch on stainless steel cover.On the top of outlet,there set up a row of moisture exhaust system,discharging all materials from the wet humidity.Meanwhile,inlet is with centralized dust removal system and outlet is with conveying device which is equipped with moisture meter that measures the rate of water content.

That is to say,heating screw conveyor is not only used to transport materials,but also can make good use of thermal intersection principle and dry materials during transporting process.When the heating screw conveyor works,put the vapor into U shape tunnel continuously,make temperature rise and keep the required temperature by adjusting the flow rate of vapor.

Meanwhile,use the tidal fan to make a negative pressure inside the trough.Then air comes into the trough which will be heated into hot air.Materials into the trough will be exchanged by heating as screw type,continually to absorb the heats from inside .And absorb the heating from U shape tunnel,heat the water of materials and make it evaporation.The wet air will be discharged by the moisture exhaust system.