Conveyor’s types

- Jul 18, 2019-

The drag parts are used to transfer the drag force. It may use conveying belt ,drag chain or steel rope. The bearings parts can be undertake materials ,such as hoppers,bracket or lift device. The drive device is given power,usually refers to motors,gearbox,and brake ,etc.The tension device usually is divided into screw shaft type and heavy hammer ,which can make drag parts be a certain tension and height,so as to ensure the nomal rotation on conveyors .The support is used to drag parts,such as roller,pulley,etc.

The conveyors with drag features are : the transported materials are fed into the bearing structure or install on the conveying belts directly. The drag parts are connected end to end around the rollers or sprocket to from a closed loop comprising a loaded branch carrying materials and an unloaded branch that does not carry materials ,and the materials is conveyed by continuous movement of the traction work.

Such conveyors are mainly : belt conveyor,plate conveyor,trolley conveyor,automatic elevator ,automatic walkway,scraper conveyor,en-masse conveyor,bucket elevator and hang conveyor ,etc.

Those conveyors without any drag parts are different . There characterstics are : use working components’ rotation or make repeating movement. Or using the medium’s flowability to make materials forward. For example,roller conveyors’ working parts are series of rollers. Rollers are used to transport materials when rotation. Screw conveyors are used to transport materials inside trough .Vibrating conveyor works by the vibrating chute.The vibrating chute make repeating movement so as to convey materials.