Conveyors and elevators load the start-up there are several ways

- Feb 08, 2018-

Conveyor and elevator in common is that in many occasions it is necessary to start the load, and to choose the appropriate start-up mode, if the start-up mode is not properly selected, prone to conveyor belt breakage or motor failure and other failures, so the correct choice Load startup mode is very important.


In order to ensure high efficiency conveyor and elevator operation, on the one hand you can release the device brake, let it rely on the natural gravity of coal to accelerate the motor close to the synchronous speed when the motor to reduce the starting acceleration, in this way Start the machine, start and accelerate a smooth, but requires control system should be sensitive and reliable.


Or the conveyor and the elevator to apply a certain braking torque on the condition of the motor, which is a reliable starting method, but need to use adjustable braking torque braking method to ensure that the conveyor and elevator operation Stability and safety.


On the other hand, when the conveyor and the elevator connected to the power supply will start immediately, but because of the conveyor belt with a lot of material, so the motor and conveyor belt to bear a huge load, the conveyor belt to withstand huge pulling force, it is easy to appear the motor Heavy load burned or the conveyor belt is pulled off phenomenon.


When workers use conveyors and elevators, they should select the correct way to start the load, carefully check the machine before starting to ensure that the braking device has been jumped up, so as to fully ensure the safety of machinery and operators so that materials can be transported to the place smoothly .