Cooling screw conveyor to transport ash of coal

- Aug 27, 2019-

Water cooling screw conveyor with jacket are cooling materials on the basis of double u shape groove /shell ,cooling water filling inside the jacket,during conveying, the cooling water cool conveyed materials down as time goes on. Due to the jacket is closed,cooling water always can recycle inside the jacket . Thus,the speed of cooling screw conveyor shall be slow. Most time the conveying length is 4m at least.For any high demanding, the length can be longer .

One set of cooling screw conveyor includes shell/casing/groove body,rotating shaft with screw blade,bearing,drive motor and gearbox, rotary joints,etc. There is around a cooling water jacket outside of shell. The rotating shaft’s both ends are empty.Screw shaft is connected with conveyor’s both ends where are empty. Cooling water filling inside from one empty pipe into screw body,then discharged outside from another empty pipe. Materials will be conveyed evenly during conveying and cooling ,so we can get good result on cooling.

Photo of cooling screw conveyor

U trough






If you want to get a correct and an effective quotation and drawing on cooling screw conveyor, please let us know technical as per following technical form :


Transported material’s feature

Bulk density= ?kg/m3

Dry powder or granules or lossen bulks

Good flow or bad flow

Abrasive or not

Corrosive or not

Toxic or not


Conveying capacity

= ? m3/hour (cubic meter per hour )


Inlet temperature of transported materials

= ? centi degree


Outlet temperature of transported materials

= ? centi degree


Specific heat



Conveyor work continuous or not


Conveyor is made of

Carbon steel or stainless steel or titanium


Voltage at conveyor’s location

In China,it is 380V,50HZ,3PH

In a word,we will calculate and choose the suitable conveyor as per the above information.