Correct operation on of anti-blocking device in vibrating conveyor

- Mar 29, 2019-

With the economic develops continuely, more and more industries have increased demanding in vibrating conveyors because of its excellent performance. Vibrating is very popular in cereals,medicine,chemical and other building fields. Vibrating conveyor is mainly applied to transport flammable,explosive and toxic products. It can prevent human beings and environment from bad effection .

In order to ensure the vibrating conveyor always keep stable and good working status during conveying some special materials,we can add anti-blocking device on vibrating conveyors.The anti-blocking device can stop blocking problems in some extent.However,there need pay attention to some details during actual applicaton.Otherwise,it will cause troubles.

At the first begining of anti-blocking device in vibrating conveyors, there will appear some loosen due to the friction among screws,bolts and base surface.Therefore,need tight up the screw bolts of vibrating motors and check if any loosen reguarly. In this way,just need labor to press the start up button to start the vibrating motors if vibrating conveyor is blocking. The anti-blocking device will make the trough produce some vibrating,so it can prevent any blocking effectively.

When the blocked material in the vibrating conveyor is cleaned up, press the stop button and the vibrating motor will stop running. Since the anti-blocking device in the vibrating conveyor is periodically vibrating, on the one hand, the material is separated from the wall of the warehouse to eliminate the friction between the material and the wall; on the other hand, the material is affected by the alternating speed and acceleration. Allow the material to drain smoothly from the silo.


If the vibrating conveyor is equipped with the anti-blocking device and can also match the chute detector, it can detect and prevent the occurrence of the chute blockage at any time, improve the automation of the device, and improve the working effect of the device.