Cost saving and operation process of snake chain conveyor

- May 14, 2018-

In the process of operation, the snake shaped chain bucket conveyor is mainly to save the cost, and to a certain extent it fully meets the requirements of its users. The chain of the chain of the driving mechanism of the snake chain bucket conveyor has the material hopper along the track to carry on the horizontal or inclined transport.

To some extent, the snake chain bucket conveyor is widely used in the transportation of various loose materials in power stations, mines, metallurgy, coal and other industries, such as boiler ash, cement clinker, iron slag, slag, limestone, and limestone, because of its flexible arrangement, long service life, high transportation capacity, low running cost and high transportation gradient. Gravel, etc., especially those with high temperature, large volume, large block size, sharp sharp corners and strong cutting properties.

The craft arrangement of the snake chain bucket conveyor is very flexible. It can be arranged in high, ground or pit to a certain extent. It can be installed horizontally or slanted and can be installed horizontally and slanted and litre, and the driving mechanism is loaded when it is used. The structure is compact and the installation is convenient.

The traction chain of the snake chain bucket conveyor is mainly used by its professional chain manufacturers to produce high strength double row heavy plate chain with stable and reliable operation and long service life. The tail part of the machine adopts spring spiral tensioning device, which can automatically adjust the tension force of the traction chain, and is suitable for long-distance and heavy load conveyor.

To a certain extent, the snake chain conveyor includes the tail device, the feeding port, the transmission part, the feeding port, the chain component, the chain bucket machine body and the bucket mechanism. The flipper mechanism includes the turnover plate, the cylinder, the stroke switch, the connection of the turnover plate and the cylinder drive, the stroke opening and the cylinder connection and the mounting of the bucket mechanism. At the top of the outlet. The transmission part is arranged on one side of the chain bucket machine body, and the tail device is arranged on the other side of the chain bucket machine body, and the chain assembly comprises a chain and a hopper.

In the running process of the snake chain conveyor, the hopper needs to maintain its level state to a certain extent. The material can be completely lost. In the operation, the hopper can not be lost in the shell, the shell is completely closed, the sealing performance is good, the safety and environmental protection, and a chain bucket conveyer can be realized. The feeding of many equipments satisfies the requirements of users for the incoming and discharging of multiple machines, and saves the equipment cost and the use cost.