Daily maintenance for motor &gearbox on screw conveyors

- Dec 20, 2019-

Firstly we thank you for choosing our Screw Conveyors.In order to ensure a better using effect on screw conveyors, and enlength the using life on conveyors, please pay attention to the following tips :

1. Check the motor &gearbox as per week, at least once. Add lubricating oil inside bearing in the motor ,the filling oil volume is 3ml.

2. If motor is damaged or break down,just : loosen the screw bolt on motor; use M16 screw bolt to connect the flange, fix them averagely,separate motor from gearbox. When assembling motor &gearbox on screw conveyor, hoist the motor ,make the motor &screw conveyor in parallel,add the lithium grease. Match the flat key, shaking motor slowly, then install motor to the bottom ,at last,use screw bolt to fix up the motor.

Maintenance on the output cover : in order to improve the using life and performance, first change the sprocket oil as per two month. In the later future, change the sprocket oil as per six month ( please use the L-CKC220 industrial sprocket oil).

If dust is coming out from the gearbox ,the sealing on output cover is damaged. Must solve this problem immediately,so as to avoid any worn out of output shaft from dust leakage.When change the top cover and replace the gearbox : first, remove the motor &gearbox at the same time. Before removing motor &Gearbox, open the inspection window,  fix up the screw pipe,then remove the screw bolt from gearbox, making gearbox and screw are separate. The output sealing is inside the output cover, output cover is connected with output flange. Take off the cover, install the new cover ,then tighten the screw bolt. Hoist the motor &Gearbox and make them are in parallel, then assemble motor &gearbox into screw conveyors. During the assembling process, rotate the fan on motors to adjust the key between output shaft and inner pipe, them install the inspection window,then start to turn on .