Definition on screw feeder

- Apr 05, 2020-

Screw feeder also be called auger,which is conveyed materials by the rotating of screw flight to push materials forward. The force does not revolve with screw flight is mateirals’ gravity and frictional resistance from the screw feeder’s shell to materials. The screw flight is welded on revolving shaft by workers. The screw flight structure is chosen as per materials’feature. There exist screw flights : solid type, ribbon belt type, flights type,etc. There is a bearing at the screw shaft’s movement ending section, which can rotate as materials. For the long screw feeder,there shall add hang bearing. Screw feeder is one of the conveying equipments in mining,pig feed,grain and oil and building fields. Screw feeder is often made of steel and stainless steel or titanium materials ,which are used to convey the high temperature’s powder or solid granules in chemical and building plants.