Description on outlook of snake shape chain scraper conveyor

- Jun 11, 2019-

Snake shape chain scraper conveyor is widely applied in metallurgy,coal,chemical ,electricity and mechanical fabricating and other national economy. Snake shape chain scraper conveyor can transport goods horizontally or upwards. Due to it is made up of heavy duty metal components, comparing with other continuous conveyors,it can transport heavy,big granule ,strong grinding materials with 600 to 700 centi degree.

 Snake shape chain scraper conveyor is suitable to transport materials without any sticking and wrapping feature,especially good for conveying big bulk pieces with sharp edges and hot temperature. Moreover, during transporting ,snake shape chain scraper conveyor can cool and clean work and other process.

Snake shape chain scraper conveyor is with compact structure,it is easy to install,commission,maintenance.The chains are good rigidity with strong  impact resistance. The chains are used roller chains to replace the sliding friction . If conveying distance is bigger than 30m,there set up some plate chain as drag parts in order to prevent sliding. If conveying distance is between 30m to 50m, there use link chains with double drive motor at both ends and