Design elements of food elevator bucket considerations

- Jan 18, 2018-

Grain elevator barrel is a typical food conveying equipment, which can meet the large quantities of food, efficient and stable delivery requirements. In the design of grain elevator bucket, fully understand its actual delivery, the flow can be achieved directly when the delivery volume, uneven flow can be given to give the basic statistical data flow.


The detailed dimensions of food elevator barrel lines are also a part of the need to be mastered, including its maximum length, inclination and lifting height, the dimensions of straight sections, curve sections, and connection dimensions. In addition, the nature of the food should be taken into account, including the bulk density, the angle of rest, the particle size and the maximum degree of the material, the humidity, abrasion, adhesion and friction coefficient of the material.


Do not neglect the working conditions and environmental conditions in the design of grain elevating barrels. The open air or indoor environment, ambient temperature, environmental requirements, moving or fixed, telescopic requirements will affect the use of equipment, so prior consideration can avoid some unnecessary malfunction.


Even grain elevator bucket put into work, the daily operation time, the number of working days per year, service life requirements, feeding and unloading methods should be thoughtful. Although these parameters can be found in the manual during the design process according to the working conditions of the equipment and the environmental conditions, these parameters should be carefully studied and proposed.


Considering the overall design of the grain elevator bucket, the chance of the problem will be reduced when it is put into production, on the one hand to prolong the service life of the equipment and on the other hand to reduce food waste and increase work efficiency.