Development and strengthening on screw conveyors in the coming future

- May 12, 2018-

It is necessary to make strengthening treatment on surface on screw conveyors during process.In this way,it can improve the surfaces hardness as well as can attach a special chemical characters on metal equipment. We can use electric arc and flame to improve the surface hardness on metal equipment.

Development on screw conveyor in the future

Screw conveyors are applied widely because they are high speed,long working life.High speed working can create high production efficiency. So it can reduce the production cost in unit time and reduce the friction factor between transported materials and screw conveyors.And increase the wear resistant on screw shaft and improve transported materialsperformance .In a word,it can improve the working life on conveyors .

Screw conveyors low energy can reduce its consumption during working .And screw conveyors are connected with computers,which can be controlled by program,operate automatically.Loading and unloading materials,installation and maintenance on machine can be Intelligent management.

During working,screw conveyor can transport in bend direction.Recent years ,there come some bend flexible screw conveyor,spring screw conveyor,etc.Other types conveyors also have some new types which can reach bend transportation in order to save space.

Screw conveyors combination conveying can develop in large aspects.So it can combine with various conveyors to complete the complicated conveying on materials .The large conveying transportation includes large capacity,single conveyors length and big inclination degree,etc.

Screw conveyor need enlarge its application fields .During process,screw conveyor can work in high and low temperature materials which are with corrosion,radioactivity,flaming features. Meanwhile,screw conveyors also can convey burning hot,explosive,conglomerate and sticky materials.