Different types vibrating conveyors’ driving method and conveying feature.

- Oct 18, 2018-

As one of the conveying equipment,vibrating conveyor is used to transport perishable,big stickness,and easy caking and bulk materials. Distinguish from driving device, vibrating conveyor can be divided into eccentric connecting rod type,rotary eccentric heavy block inertia and electromagnetic drive.

Eccentric connecting rod type’s vibrating conveyors are made up of belt sprocket,eccentric shaft bearing and connection rod.Machining bearing block ,fix it on the bottom structure.Connection rod will be rotated together with eccentric shaft through motors and belt sprocket,then push the trough to work as per required amplitude and frequency .

While the inertia vibrating conveyor adops the eccentric mass rotating that produce centrifugal force as the shock force.Its inertia driving device are two types : one is inertial vibrator ,the other is motor driven eccentric heavy block device.Inertia vibrator can adjust the inertial forice easily.

Electromagnetic vibrating conveyor uses two plastid near common tuned vibration system.Its drive device is electromagnetic vibrator.It feacure is long using life and low conspumtion on power.Meanwhile,it can combine infinite speed variation and technology system so as to reach automatical control.

During choose vibrating conveyors,the key is subject to actual working conditions.During many working conditions,we will use double plastid near resonance inertial vibration conveyors which is equal to linear vibrating conveyors.Its adopts 2 sets of reverse rotation drive for two synchronous motors to make reverse rotation,so as to meet requirements .https://www.wxconveyor.com/