Dosing Screw Feeder

- Dec 02, 2019-

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Working Principle:   

       When according to the screw flight rotation ,due to the push force of screw blade+friction on materials & pipe + the inner firction on materials ,screw conveyor can slide materials . During the design and maufacturing , materials can be moved forward. All machines are made of stainless steel 304 except the motor & bearing. The feature on machines :

A. Use the eccentric block fixed on the motor's main shaft is used to rotate smoothly to generate the vibration of the material box, thereby avoiding the bridging of materials with poor fluidity. Adjustable amplitude, high excitation efficiency

B. Feeding pipe is separated from the vibaring tank,which can make the whole feeding screw feeder be more reliable.

C. Fixed screw shaft’s base is easy to be dismantled,so as to pull out the screw shaft ,and easy for cleaning.

D. Use the clamp to fix the flexible connection port ,and dismantle conveyors easily.

E. Can add the sensor and Intelligent control circuit, can control the materials’ position ,can feeding automatically and alarming if overloading.

F. Application : feeding powder and particles.