Double layers twin shafted screw conveyors are applied in life

- Apr 24, 2019-

Sometimes we need twin screw conveyors to tranport granules because the transporting capacity is very large .Or twin screw conveyors are under a big hopper.


However,if there is no enough space for us to install 2 sets of twin screw conveyors,what should we do ?

Wuxi Changrong Conveying Machinery Co., ltd advise to adopt the double layers twin shafted screw conveyor.

Working principle of double layers twin screw conveyor is that : materials are fed into the inlet of the first upper layer’s screw conveyor ,the first upper layer’s screw conveyor will discharge materials into the second lower layer’s screw conveyor. Finally ,materials will be delivered out by the second lower screw conveyors.

This structure is stable and economical.Some clients choose double layers twin screw conveyors to transport animial food.

The bulk density of animal food is about 0.5ton/cubic meter.

Transporting capacity is 30m3/h to 60m3/h.

Transporting length is 3m..

Twin shafted screw conveyor’s diameter is 300mm.

Geared motor power is :15KW,speed is 35rpm.

It can be made of carbon steel with silver painting. An example photo is for a reference.