Drag chain conveyor is used to transport solid waste treatment

- Oct 15, 2019-

There is only one earth,we should protect our living environment from any pollution . When economy is developing, we should take measures to avoid any pollution to the earth.

Recently we completed one project of solid waste treatment . We designed and provide 2 sets of drag chain conveyors to transport the waste sludge. As you know, the waste sludge is smelly. The sealings and gaskets must be excellent to prevent any smelly leakage . Let’s take an example as below :

Transported substance : dry waste sludge  ,see its photo:


Bulk density : 1t/m3

Mosture : 45-55%

Feed rate : 8m3/h

Chain space : 100mm

Scraper space : 200mm                       

Hoist height : 1.3m                                        

Speed : 0.15m/s

Motor power : 3kw

Gearbox speed : 17rpm

Motor energy level : IE2

Power supply : 380V,3PH,50HZ   

Working principle of drag chain conveyor : materials are fed into inlet at the lower horizontal part,driven by chains &motor &sprockets,materials will go up vertically ,then reach the top upper horizontal part,at last ,materials will be discharged smoothly at the top outlet. There is no dust coming out during transporting. Also we set up some inspection windons on drag chain conveyors. You can clean or maintain from the inspection window.

This photo shows drag chain conveyor ‘s model is CRMD300 *40.2M.The length is adjustable as per request.