Features on auger conveyor

- Aug 28, 2020-

Auger conveyor are with following characteristics:

(1) Simple structure, low cost

(2) Reliable working,easy to maintain and management.

(3) Compact size,section size is small, less land occupation.It can be easily operated at the dock of sea, which is convenient for ship to discharge goods .

(4) It is transported goods by a totally sealing way,especially for transporting products which is light and easy to fly,hot and strong flavour.In this way,it can reduce the pollution to environment,improving the working condition of employees at the dock.

(5) Easy to feed ,easy to discharge . Horizontal auger conveyor can feed and discharge at the appointed place . For the vertical auger conveyor,,there add a short length of horizontal feeding auger conveyor ,which can ensure the stable feeding rate to the vertical auger conveyor.

(6) Screw conveyor can rotates reversely.It can transport products to two different directions, that is ,transporting product towards to the center or far away the center.

(7) Low consumption for unit

(8) During transporting, products will be crushed or worn out. Auger flight and auger chute’s with serious worn out.