Features on snake shape chain bucket elevator

- Apr 10, 2019-

Snake shape chain bucket elevator is such a conveying equipment that transport materials horizontally or incline as per buckets which are moving along the track. It is designed basis on the intermation standard ISO2140-1975. It can be horizontal or incline layout ( incline angle is 60°)Snake shape chain bucket elevator is suitable for conveying material in high temperature and long distance. The conveyed materials’ bulk density is 2t/m³.Mainly used in transport chemical granules and raw materials of battery.For example,the ternary precursor .

 Snake shape chain bucket elevator is consisted of driving device,head device,moving parts ,tail device and feeding device. Chain sprocket drags buckets along the track ,then materials will be discharged out from head safety cover,so as to reach the conveying aims. Chain bucket elevator combines conveying material horizontally and vertically.

During application,the conveyed materials are fed into buckets,the chains drag buckets to reach the head sprocket.Then change direction,materials will come out from the outlet. During whole conveying process,no relative shift between materials and buckets because of low speed.Thus the chain bucket elevator is with little abrasive and few trouble. In addition,chain bucket elevator can transport materials from the bottom of cooling conveyor into the top of warehouse.During the whole process,there is little dust.

The high strength double-row heavy duty plate chains of snake shape chain bucket elevator are produced by professional chain manufacturers,which is stable and reliable. The tail part is adopted the spring tensioning device which can adjust the tension of traction chain automatically.It is good for conveying long distance and heavy duty. Drive system is on the top,compact structure and easy to install. www.wxconveyor.com